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In this section a colorful mix of works of art is shown. A wide variety of media is used. Let the art work on you!

Unchain My Heart, 41x22 cm, approx. 10 kg (year 2021)

Unique art installation
Hand-cut, polished and pinned soapstone (black/white spotted) from Austria, self-lacquered knot chain in black matt and gold with a beautiful rose (crystal glass) from an Austrian glass manufacturer.

💓 8x8 cm ♾ - Not available

Limited edition T-shirts from my art studio (S/M/L)

Tattoo template, 7.5x7.5 cm (year 2021) - Not available

The Suncat „Bastet“, 30x60 cm (year 2021)

Painted on antique papyrus, framed, behind UV protective glass

Bottle Labels

Modern abstract art on cotton bags, 38x42 cm

Birthday Art

Christmas Art

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