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I am doing abstract and modern acrylic art, mainly in a reduced expressionist style.

In my Lakaz art studio I only use non-toxic acrylic paints in artist-quality, that are also vegan. This quality of the acrylic paints determine the essence of color and contains a significantly higher proportion of color pigments.

Product features are for example highest lightfastness, silk-gloss surface, non-yellowing, UV stable, high coverage and durability and the colors have an excellent adhesion to the painting surface, like canvas. In my Lakaz art studio I use mainly basic colors as a starting point for my color mixtures, but also fluorescent and metallic colors in different color viscosities. The dried layers of paint are permanent, flexible and insensitive to water. Et voilà!

Indian Ocean, 130x100 cm (year 2015)

Paradise Collection I; 40x50 cm, 10x10 (year 2022)

Rainbow Shower, 40x40 cm (year 2022)

Magical Beach Wedding, 25x20 cm (year 2022)

Anse Source d‘Argent, 70x100 cm (year 2021)

Great Exuma Island, 140x100 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Maldivian Water, 70x90 cm (year 2022)

Bahamas, 60x60 cm (year 2022) - Not available

House Reef, 60x40 cm (year 2022)

Herzkönig, 40x50 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Pelikan, 20x25 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Endemic Plants of the Seychelles, 100x150 cm (year 2020)

Festival Kreol, 24x30 cm (year 2021)

Cascada de Colores (La Palma), 120x80 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Daydream, 40x60 cm (year 2022)

Flamingo Junkie, 30x90 cm (year 2022)

Fiji, 120x80 cm (year 2022)

Anytime, 50x70 cm (year 2021)

The Times Square, 40x50 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Raspberry Rose, 30x50 cm (year 2022)

𝗧𝘂𝘁𝘂, 5x6 cm & 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗶 6x8 cm (year 2022)

Rosen aus dem Süden, 50x60 cm (year 2022)

Die Champagner Traube im Winter, 60x70cm (year 2021) - Not available

Fuschlsee, 40x50 cm (year 2021)

Badminton, 20x25 cm (year 2021)

Exoplanetary, 40x40 cm (year 2021)

UV Cosmos, 100x130 cm (year 2016)

Mayuri Vina, 50x60 cm (year 2022)

A Fungible Token (II), 30x40 cm (year 2022)

The Rainbow Bike Unikorn, 80x80 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Broken Matrix, 24x30 cm (year 2021)

Black Diamond, 60x30 cm (year 2022)

Vampyre Empyre, 50x20 cm (year 2021)

Fire of Autumn, 20x50 cm (year 2021)

Rosy, 10x50 cm (year 2021)

Source. Waterfall, 100x140 cm (year 2020)

Barcelona, 130x100 cm (year 2021)

Lavender Yoghurt with Rose Jam, 20x25 cm (year 2021)

Grazer Dachziegel, 24x30 cm (year 2021)

Der Granatapfelbaum, 40x40 cm (year 2021)

Estamos en el jardín, 80x40 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Flag of Seychelles, 70x50 cm (year 2021)

Yellow House, 80x80 cm (year 2022)

There Is Nothing To See, 24x30 cm (year 2021)

AM Klee, 120x40 cm (year 2021)

Die Definition von Glück, 50x30 cm (year 2021)

Retro UFO 1947, 100x130 cm (year 2021)

Modern Zen Garden, 100x130 cm (year 2021)

Brain World, 100x130 cm (year 2020)

Addis Ababa. Sun. Moon. Stars. Coffee, 100x150 cm (year 2020)

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, 15x20 cm (year 2021) - Not available

The Rose Garden at Night, 50x50 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Der Wohlstand der Hühner, 40x50 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Street-Art 63, 60x70 cm (year 2021) - Not available

AMG 63, 60x30 cm (year 2021)

Ziegenpetra Lilli, 70x70 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Flashing Disco Jeans, 40x50 cm (year 2021)

Abstract letters, 100x130 cm (year 2019)

Rendez-vous in Graz, 60x70 cm (year 2021)

Art Installation „Ai China“ 80x40 cm (year 2018)

Veilchen, 30x120 cm (year 2021)

1000 and 1 Night, 60x80 cm (year 2019)

Fleurs de Paris, 50x40 cm (2022)

The Grape in the Rain, 60x70 cm (2021)

Bordeaux Fête le Vin, 100x100 cm (year 2021)

Make-up Artist, 20x80 cm (year 2021)

Sunflower, 100x130 cm (year 2015)

Male act. Traditional Archery, 40x50 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Hot Body. Nude art N° I, 60x80 cm (year 2021)

Business Portrait, 70x100 cm (year 2015) - Not available

Relation, 100x150 cm (year 2016)

Modern Interior Design, 40x80 cm (year 2017)

Candy Shop, 40x80 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Solarium, 30x40 cm (year 2022)

Curtain Bangs, 40x80 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Sparkling Neonbow, 6x8 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Meerwasser, 5x6 cm, Maldives Beach 8x6 cm (year 2022) - Not available

Seychelles, 7x10 cm (year 2021) - Not available

Friedenslilie, 70x100 cm (year 2015) - Not available

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